Building Today’s Dream Home

Hopefully you haven’t bought the property yet, if you have, make sure that you read the rest of this article, you might want to sell the property. Building today’s dream home can be a daunting task, there’s building permits, planning departments and nowadays you might have to deal with the fire and police departments in your communities.

When I first started in the home building business, you would bring two sets of plans down to your local Building Department. They would give one to the Planning Department and they รับสร้างบ้าน would look at one themselves. If everything looked okay, you could start building.

The last time I went down to the building department, they needed five sets of plans. This might not sound like much, but if there are any mistakes on the plans, they give you the plans back and you need to make the corrections and then pay for new sets of plans to be reproduced with the corrections on them.

Now with two sets of plans, this might not cost as much, but with five sets of building plans, just getting your plans out a plan check could cost you a small fortune in reproducing any plans that need to be corrected.

Now I’m not talking about the fees for building a new home, these fees can make modern-day outlaws or robbers out of our city officials. Some of these fees are astronomical and I’m not just talking about building permit fees, even though building permit fees are expensive, you’ve got additional fees in these fees, once added together, can produce a very large number.

Before you even start to plan on building your dream home, make sure that you get a good idea, how much it’s going to cost you for every single fee that will be involved, before you start to build your home.

Once you’ve purchased the property and get all excited about building your new home, before you have checked the total fee allowance, you could find yourself entering into a financial home-building nightmare. Always check first before you buy the property, this could impact your final decision.

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