How to Pray by Morris Cerullo

Prayer Anointing for Spiritual Warfare

Morris Cerullo continues his challenge to call the church to corporate prayer and to the individual to practice a life style of intimate prayer in. “How to Pray” is written with the express purpose of assisting the reader to experience a new all consuming delight in prayer.

The book provides three sources for learning Louvores de Adoração how to pray. These include the example of Jesus’ prayer life, the fundamental role of the Holy Spirit as our teacher in prayer, as well as illustrations from Old Testament prayers. Cerullo talks about using prayer in praise and worship, in intercession, and about implementation of authority in prayer. He encourages the reader to discover God’s plan for end time prayers and the need for developing a relationship with Christ through significant, consistent, effective prayer.

Section II of the book reveals Christ as intercessor, and discusses throne room intercession and what it means. Cerullo shows how the Holy Spirit is our prayer enabler. Section III is made up of powerful lessons on experiencing the unlimited potential of supernatural prayer, and the key to releasing heaven’s resources through prayer. The chapter on perseverance and wrestling in prayer is both challenging and helpful. The final chapter teaches important lessons from Christ’s seven-fold high priestly prayer.

Each chapter closes with a compelling prayer which models the lessons taught throughout the chapter. These prayers can be individualized, paraphrased, or effectively used in the personal prayer life of the reader. Thought provoking classical quotes and meaningful gems from well known Christian leaders are included throughout the text. A helpful list of Verses on Prayer is included in the appendix.

“How to Pray” is valuable as a manual and guidebook for pastors, evangelists, and lay Christians. Morris Cerrullo’s writing is forceful, insightful, and passionate.

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