Is the Food Stored in Your Fridge Making You Fat?

When we talk about leading a healthy lifestyle, I believe diet and exercise will come to our minds almost instantaneously. In many ways, the refrigerator has become the cornerstone of any healthy eating plan.

If you are bent on shedding those extra fats your body carries, then how you stock that fridge can make a huge difference in the success or failure of any healthy eating plan. From what foods it contains, to where they are stored, russian grocery store the refrigerator can be vitally important to healthy eating. This is because the last thing you want is to have easy access to junk food that will derail your fat loss efforts!

Ok, I think I can visualise some of you nodding your heads in agreement to what I have said. So let us spring into action and see what we need to do and start raiding your fridge. The first thing is of course to take stock of your fridge. This is definitely an exercise that involves something more that just thrashing food that are past their shelve lives and have turned bad! You will need to review the content of the food that you have kept stock.

For a start, you will need to separate the healthy food from the others. Do note that you should have more food with low fat, high fiber and low sugar content. If the reverse is happening, it is time you try to shop for healthier options the next time you head to the grocery shop.

Of course it will be great not to stock a single junk food in your fridge but that not quite possible considering the different eating habits of the rest of your family members. So how do you get around this? With a couple of tricks of course. Now, one great trick is to hide the less unhealthy food, remember this saying ” out of sight, out of mind”. Try storing food like dessert in the crisper, and cakes in the produce drawer. Instead, store fruits and vegetables or yogurts in plain sight so that these healthier food are within your reach immediately since your eyes will spot them first instead of opening those drawers to reach for the not so healthy food.

Alternatively, you may choose to organise your fridge into different sections segregating into not-so-healthy foods and healthier options. Try to put the latter into the front of the fridge while relegating the former to the back.

Choose carefully and always ask yourself if there is a healthier substitute available. When you are shopping for your groceries, try to always replace whenever possible with a lower fat or non fat version. For e.g. skim milk vs full cream milk, low fat sour cream, low fat cheese etc. Same goes for choosing meat, always opt for leaner cuts of the meat. If possible, substitute red meat like beef and mutton with healthier white meats like fish and chicken. You could have easily cut down on consumption of saturated fats by being mindful on your choice.

Using the freezer space in your refrigerator wisely is important as well. Freezing foods that won’t be used right away is a great way to make your food dollar go further and to provide quick meals for your family.

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